Mel Loomer


Civetta (Little Owl), one of the contrade (districts) of Siena, Italy,
their motto being “Vedo nella Notte” (I see in the night). I see in the
dark. I am nocturnal. Owls as spirit birds (one of many). A study of the
night, in the night, what it hides, covers, reveals. Owls act as a gateway
to other realms, or rather a guide. They show you what you ask and what
you may or may not want to see or know. What does it make you think of,
what memory, what is revealed to you when you see the straight gaze of an
owl? Can you see in the dark? What do you see when standing in the light
of the full moon? Can you see the future, past lives? Do you see shadows
that are not your own? Is it a strangely familiar feeling, the same
feeling from a dream- indescribable in the waking world? My desire in
painting is to create a feeling that you may have forgotten during the day,
be it fear or excitement, pleasure or something unknown. I paint to remind
myself of that time I heard the wind say my name. I paint to remember when
I used to hike under a full moon listening to coyotes. I paint because I
want to remind you of that strange, wonderful something you forgot. I
paint to open up the threshold between this world and something else.

I never committed to being a full-time art student- I took a few art classes here and there. However, I grew up doing art of all sorts. I remember my mother setting me up with a few art supplies as a child and then all hell broke loose. Drawing, sketching, painting, watercolor, sculpting, constructing. This is my magick.

I see in the dark, I see what's not there- I know that it’s there. I can
see you in the dark because I feel you. I know you’re always near. I
create through whisperings from you. I create because I absolutely have
to, I need to create. Without art I would be invisible. Art saves me, it
allows me to speak when I can’t find the words. Let your mind see things
in the dark, open up your brain to new and ancient things..owls, cats,
crows, trees, spirits, beings.